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21 July 2011

Xfce fakes ghosting of conky characters

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Since the introduction of Gnome 3 I switched to Xfce. I just couldn’t adjust to the new ways to interact with the desktop Gnome forces upon the user. Call me old-fashioned, but at least I tried! After a while I noticed however some ghosting of the characters displayed by conky.

Characters ghosting a little

I have been playing for hours to correct this. To no avail I have been trying many variations of settings of the ‘own_window_hints’. Until I noticed that running applications at the time of shutdown where restarted when Xfce was restarted. In the ‘Session and Startup’ of the Xfce settings manager, I had the option to save the session on logout deliberately disabled. Besides this, conky did not show up in the list of running applications in the ‘Session’ tab. Strange, but a ‘ps’ revealed multiple instances of conky. So no ghosting at all! Just 2 instances of conky running on top of each other.

Starting conky using the following bash snippet released me of this.

sleep 10
conky=`ps -e | grep conky`
if [ "$conky" == '' ]; then
        conky &

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