Raging Goblin

16 March 2017

MiWakeUpLight with WildFly Swarm

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Recently I wanted to find out if WildFly Swarm is a real challenger for Spring Boot. Rather than creating another ‘Hello World’ application I decided to convert a project I use on an ‘almost’ daily basis to a WildFly Swarm application. This way I could compare the two frameworks. I created a clone of https://github.com/raginggoblin/MiWakeUpLight with WildFly Swarm instead of Spring Boot. You can find this project on https://github.com/raginggoblin/MiWakeUpLightSwarm. So there you can find a WildFly Swarm project that contains all technologies you want in a full stack application, i.e. a database (H2), JPA, Hibernate, datasources, CDI, logging, configuration with yaml, EJB, JaxRS and a AngularJs frontend on top.


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