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2 March 2012

Infolog version 3.0 released

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Infolog version 3.0 is released! The communication between the client and the server now uses Jax-ws. By using a webservice it is much easier for system administrators to setup secure communication over https. By using existing infrastructure already available on your webserver, you can put the Infolog server behind it without the need to create an extra certificate.


7 February 2011

Infolog version 2.1 released

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Recently I have been fooling around with the Google WindowBuilder Pro. This is the best GUI builder for Java I have used so far. My only complaint: it is quite unstable! For the rest, it is very easy to use, especially support for LayoutManagers is superb. I used it to create some configuration dialogs for the Infolog Desktop application and today I released Infolog version 2.1. Configuration of the look and feel and the synchronization is now much easier through these dialogs:

Configure look and feel

Configure Synchronization

21 December 2010

Systray not supported with OpenJDK and Compiz

Yesterday I stumbled upon a bug in the the OpenJDK. A system tray icon is not supported while using Compiz. I found out about this because I was playing around with the Google WindowBuilder. It kept freezing while using the Sun-JDK. With the OpenJDK it only freezes with opening a separate preview window. Then I noticed that my Infolog program wouldn’t start anymore. So when you are using the particular combination of Compiz and OpenJDK you won’t be able to use a system tray icon with Java. These options are open to you:

  1. Install Sun-JDK and don’t use the Google WindowBuilder.
  2. Install both JDK’s and use the Sun-JDK with programs that need a system tray icon, and the OpenJDK with Eclipse and the Google WindowBuilder.
  3. Install the OpenJDK en don’t bother with a system tray Icon.
  4. Stop using Compiz.
  5. Install Sun-JDK and use Windho$e in a virtual box.

The last one is not a real option of course, I only mentioned it to be complete ;-).

16 December 2010

Infolog version 2.0 released

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Yesterday I released Infolog version 2.0. With version 2.0 I took a different approach how to communicate with the server. Instead of updating items on the server directly and communicating this to all connected clients, a client is now completely independent. A client is capable of synchronizing with the server on regular intervals. By making the client completely independent of the server it is now much easier to run it as a standalone application when someone does not want to use it in conjunction with Egroupware.

Further enhancements include:
– Better readable README with explanation about using the application over ssh.
– Small improvements such as nicer icons to be used on the taskbar.
– Several bugfixes, e.g. using non-standard ports for Java RMI did not work in version 1.0.

8 November 2010

Infolog upload refreshed

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Due to a bug the program was not able to handle empty properties. Therefore a new download is set on launchpad with dummy values for ip, username and password. To get the program running just make sure every key has a value e.g. password = a.

25 September 2010

Infolog 1.0 released on launchpad

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Today I registered my Infolog desktop application on launchpad and released version 1.0 ! For downloads of the project please visit: https://launchpad.net/infolog/.

17 September 2010

Infolog desktop client

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Ever since I started to use Thunderbird as a frontend to my Egroupware server, I am annoyed by the fact that it does not provide a convenient note-tracking application. As it looks like there won’t be one in the near future, I wrote one myself taking a different approach by writing a complete client and server program. It took me quite a while as I used the project to learn about hibernate, rmi and all kinds of java techniques. I first wrote the application in JavaFX, but I noticed an incredible lack of speed through serialization of a JavaFX object. Though I am a fan of more modern programming languages and wanted to use it, (I think the world really needs modern languages and we shouldn’t use the ancient ones anymore. If you like the ways of the past you should stick with clay tablets), in the end I decided to stick with Java and Swing.

All notes displayed on the desktop

The program provides your notes, todo’s and phone calls as colored sticky notes on your desktop. Currently, I am looking for a place to host the code and provide downloads. When you are interested, please let me know, I can send you the binaries already by mail. See the page on this blog about the project.

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