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OcNotes is the desktop companion of OwnCloud notes. It is a small program to keep track of your notes. The program normally sits hidden in your system tray. By clicking on it, your notes are painted on your desktop as colored sticky notes. It can be used on any desktop with a Java Runtime Environment, version 8 or higher.

Though the client is supposed to run in conjunction with an OwnCloud installation, the client is perfectly usable as a standalone program. You can configure the program to synchronize with your OwnCloud installation. See the OwnCloud website for further information about OwnCloud. OcNotes is written in Java and released under the Gnu Public License.

System tray menu


OcNotes Gui


  • Keep track of your notes through colored sticky notes on your desktop.
  • Synchronize the sticky notes with OwnCloud notes.
  • Coloring, spacing and size of sticky notes is configurable.
  • When no system tray is available, the program is usable through the gui.


– Java Runtime Environment (jre 8 or higher).


Downloads of binaries and code can be found on github.


  • 21-02-2015 Version 1.0 (Rewritten Infolog to synchronize with OwnCloud)
  • 21-03-2015 Version 1.1 (Configurable fonts)
  • 11-11-2016 Version 1.2 (Choose different colors)

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