Raging Goblin

Java Crypt

A java alternative for PHP Crypt

With PHP you can use the function Crypt to hash your passwords. In Java we do not have such a function at our disposal. After a little research I found a couple of Java implementations on an ftp site created by Jonathan Abbey and James Ratcliff. I wrote a small wrapper around these crypt functions to emulate the PHP functionality. Only the algorithms MD5, SHA256 and SHA512 are supported. Feel free to extend its functionality. Java Crypt is released under the Gnu Public License.


  • From command line:
    java -jar Crypt.jar [String to encrypt] [salt]
    Eg: java -jar Crypt.jar rasmuslerdorf $6$rounds=5000$usesomesillystringforsalt$
    produces: $6$rounds=5000$usesomesillystri$D4IrlXatmP7rx3P3InaxBeoomnAihCKRVQP22JZ6EY47Wc6BkroIuUUBOov1i.S5KPgErtP/EN5mcO.ChWQW21
  • Use as library in your project:
    package: raging.goblin.crypt
    class: Crypt
    method: public static String crypt(String toCrypt, String salt) throws CryptException


Binaries: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B2BnX0ubpIbcaWg1dDY2Rmd5c2M
Sources: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B2BnX0ubpIbcU3ZiOW9lTjlxb1U


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