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The Infolog desktop client is the desktop companion of Egroupware Infolog. It is a small program to keep track of your notes, todo’s and phone calls. The program normally sits hidden in your system tray. By clicking on it, your notes, todo’s and phone calls are painted on your desktop as colored sticky notes. It can be used on any desktop with a Java Runtime Environment, version 7 or higher.

Infolog Android provides this functionality for Android devices. It can be used on any Android device running Android 2.3 and higher.

Though the clients are supposed to run in conjunction with an Egroupware installation, the clients are perfectly usable as a standalone programs. When you want to synchronize the clients with Egroupware, you also have to configure the server program. Clients can synchronize with this server which synchronizes with Egroupware Infolog. See the Egroupware website for further information about Egroupware Infolog. Infolog is written in Java and released under the Gnu Public License.

Infolog GUI
System tray icon with popup menu
Sticky Notes with default colorscheme
Sticky Notes with alternative colorscheme
Itemlist on Android
Todo on Android
Task on Android
Synchronization on Android

Features Desktop client

  • Keep track of your notes, phone calls and todo’s through colored sticky notes on your desktop.
  • Synchronize the sticky notes with Egroupware Infolog.
  • Coloring, spacing and size of sticky notes is configurable.
  • When no system tray is available, the program is usable through the gui.

Features Android client

  • Keep track of your notes, phone calls and todo’s through colored notes.
  • Synchronize the notes with Egroupware Infolog.


– Java Runtime Environment (Desktop client, jre 7 or higher).
– Android 2.3 or higher (Android client).
To synchronize with Egroupware Infolog:
– Egroupware with MySQL database (or any database usable with hibernate).
To synchronize with standalone server:
– MySQL database (or any other database usable with hibernate) with egw_infolog table, which can be created through provided SQL script.


Downloads of binaries and code can be found on launchpad.


  • 25-09-2010 Version 1.0 (Client depends on server, sticky notes directly written to server)
  • 15-12-2010 Version 2.0 (Client independent of server, sticky notes synchronized with server)
  • 07-02-2011 Version 2.1 (Configuration through gui)
  • 14-10-2011 Version 2.2 (Changes on sticky notes saved immediately)
  • 03-02-2012 Version 3.0 (Communication between client and server uses Jax-ws)
  • 17-11-2012 Version 3.1 (Support for salted encryption types used by Egroupware)
  • 01-12-2013 Version 4.0 (Communication between client and server using a Rest webservice. Android client added.)


Update 21-12-2010: The program does not behave correctly when using the OpenJDK and Compiz, see this post about it.



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  8. Hello

    I have tried the program, but keep getting an error that I cannot login using these credentials. I am using a valid user/pass along with trying https & different encrypt setting. I am using EGW 1.8CE, with public IP and no router/firewall between client PC and server

    Comment by Ken Hawkins — 18 April 2013 @ 20:51 | Reply

    • It is pretty hard to tell what is wrong with so little information. I would like to help, but you will have to tell me more about your situation. At this moment my first question would be, are you aware of the fact that you need to run a dedicated server program for this? You cannot login with the client on a standard Egw server.

      Comment by raginggoblin — 20 April 2013 @ 20:12 | Reply

  9. […] is now stored in json format. Before upgrading, make sure all your notes are on the server. See Infolog page for details about the […]

    Pingback by Infolog version 4.0 released | Raging Goblin — 30 November 2013 @ 22:02 | Reply

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