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29 May 2014

KNMI Rain radar app for Android

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On my telephone I wanted a very simple rain radar app. The Android appstore provide tons of weather apps, but I could not find a simple rain radar viewer without any bells or whistles at all. I do not care about all these nice features and especially hate the meaningless predictions of these apps. The combination of my eye and brain does a much better prediction than some simple pixel shifting algorithm. Besides this, it has the extra benefit of no advertisements cluttering my screen! Look here for details.


30 November 2013

Infolog version 4.0 released

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Infolog version 4.0 is released! The communication between the client and the server now uses a Rest webservice. This enabled me to write an Android client as wel. When upgrading, please note that data is now stored in json format. Before upgrading, make sure all your notes are on the server. See Infolog page for details about the program.

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