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27 January 2017

MiWakeUpLight to make the sun rise

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A couple of weeks ago I bought a programmable lamp at one of these chinese webshops. I wanted to make a wakuplight, as the one I was using started to wake me in the middle of the night. This is the lamp I bought:

Mi Light with boxIt is a 9W Dual White lamp. You can shift the color from yellow to bright white and the brightness can be set to 10 distinct levels. A 9W LED lamp at full strength will certainly wake me up, so this one would do I figured. In order to control it you need a wifi controller:

Wifi controller with boxThis controller can manage up to 4 lamps, I therefore will be able to add other lights with other functions as well as the controller is capable of sending commands to each lamp individually, or to all 4 lamps at once.

Mi Light has made a smartphone app to configure and control the lamps as well, but I found it totally unusable. I was not able to configure the controller or the lamps at all! After a little googling I found a post about a webinterface and that was the key to unlock this thing.

I made a Spring Boot application with an angularjs frontend that would do the job. Through the webinterface I can configure the wakeup schedules:

MiWakeUpLight schedule overview

Configure single schedule

For each schedule I can configure the time the lamp should shine at full strength, the duration of the sunrise (going from 10% to 100%) and how long the lamp is supposed to shine. Besides this I can configure which day the schedule is valid.

This worked quite well for the past few weeks but this week I found out that angular material does only work on the desktop and on chrome for Android. As I found this unacceptable I plan to switch to bootstrap.

You can find the project on https://github.com/raginggoblin/MiWakeUpLight


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