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16 March 2017

MiWakeUpLight with WildFly Swarm

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Recently I wanted to find out if WildFly Swarm is a real challenger for Spring Boot. Rather than creating another ‘Hello World’ application I decided to convert a project I use on an ‘almost’ daily basis to a WildFly Swarm application. This way I could compare the two frameworks. I created a clone of https://github.com/raginggoblin/MiWakeUpLight with WildFly Swarm instead of Spring Boot. You can find this project on https://github.com/raginggoblin/MiWakeUpLightSwarm. So there you can find a WildFly Swarm project that contains all technologies you want in a full stack application, i.e. a database (H2), JPA, Hibernate, datasources, CDI, logging, configuration with yaml, EJB, JaxRS and a AngularJs frontend on top.


13 February 2017

MiWakeUpLight version 1.1 released

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I released version 1.1 of MiWakeUpLight. My take on a wakeuplight using a Mi Light dual white lamp. I added an installer script to install the software as a systemd daemon. You can checkout the project at https://github.com/raginggoblin/MiWakeUpLight.

30 January 2017

MiWakeUpLight switched to Bootstrap

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Recently I found out that Angular Material did not perform well on certain browsers. I therefore switched to Bootstrap. E.g. Firefox on Android did not handle MiWakeUpLight very well, but from now on it will!

MiWakeUpLight showing all schedules


MiWakeUpLight showing single schedule

View the code on: https://github.com/raginggoblin/MiWakeUpLight

27 January 2017

MiWakeUpLight to make the sun rise

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A couple of weeks ago I bought a programmable lamp at one of these chinese webshops. I wanted to make a wakuplight, as the one I was using started to wake me in the middle of the night. This is the lamp I bought:

Mi Light with boxIt is a 9W Dual White lamp. You can shift the color from yellow to bright white and the brightness can be set to 10 distinct levels. A 9W LED lamp at full strength will certainly wake me up, so this one would do I figured. In order to control it you need a wifi controller:

Wifi controller with boxThis controller can manage up to 4 lamps, I therefore will be able to add other lights with other functions as well as the controller is capable of sending commands to each lamp individually, or to all 4 lamps at once.

Mi Light has made a smartphone app to configure and control the lamps as well, but I found it totally unusable. I was not able to configure the controller or the lamps at all! After a little googling I found a post about a webinterface and that was the key to unlock this thing.

I made a Spring Boot application with an angularjs frontend that would do the job. Through the webinterface I can configure the wakeup schedules:

MiWakeUpLight schedule overview

Configure single schedule

For each schedule I can configure the time the lamp should shine at full strength, the duration of the sunrise (going from 10% to 100%) and how long the lamp is supposed to shine. Besides this I can configure which day the schedule is valid.

This worked quite well for the past few weeks but this week I found out that angular material does only work on the desktop and on chrome for Android. As I found this unacceptable I plan to switch to bootstrap.

You can find the project on https://github.com/raginggoblin/MiWakeUpLight

21 November 2016

OcNotes 1.2 released

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I released OcNotes version 1.2. You can now choose different colors for the sticky notes. I also implemented the systemtray from https://github.com/dorkbox/SystemTray This way it is better integrated with modern de’s like Gnome and Unity.

For more information see: https://raginggoblin.wordpress.com/ocnotes
For downloads see: https://github.com/raginggoblin/ocnotes

14 September 2015


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Sometimes a spreadsheet program is ideal for creating a schedule. But I could not find a way to import this into my calendar. In order to do this I wrote a small utility to convert a CSV file to a CalDav file. This CalDav file can be imported by any kind of calendering software.
For more information see: https://raginggoblin.wordpress.com/csv2caldav
For downloads see: https://github.com/raginggoblin/ocnotes

24 March 2015

OcNotes 1.1 released

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I released OcNotes version 1.1. It has some minor improvements. The delete button shows a trash icon and the fonts are configurable.

For more information see: https://raginggoblin.wordpress.com/ocnotes
For downloads see: https://github.com/raginggoblin/ocnotes

9 March 2015


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21 February 2015

Infolog turned to OcNotes

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Today I released OcNotes version 1.0. I moved from Egroupware to Owncloud and therefore had to rewrite my notes desktop client. I released it on Github today.

For more information see: https://raginggoblin.wordpress.com/ocnotes
For downloads see: https://github.com/raginggoblin/ocnotes

29 May 2014

KNMI Rain radar app for Android

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On my telephone I wanted a very simple rain radar app. The Android appstore provide tons of weather apps, but I could not find a simple rain radar viewer without any bells or whistles at all. I do not care about all these nice features and especially hate the meaningless predictions of these apps. The combination of my eye and brain does a much better prediction than some simple pixel shifting algorithm. Besides this, it has the extra benefit of no advertisements cluttering my screen! Look here for details.

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